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The Way to Abuse Blade And Soul’s Character Creator For Evil and Amusement

The first group attempts to craft a character that looks terrific or otherwise interesting. The second group, however, gets an impish grin and then abuses customization options until unholy monstrosities that beg for a merciful death from behind the screen are a result. There are two types of blade and soul gold gamers when it comes to character creation.

Pvt Wiggles is firmly in the latter camp, as he takes a spin through Blade and Soul’s incredibly detailed character creation system and does vastly evil (if hilarious) things to an avatar’s face. It’s something that must be seen to be believed, and we have it for you after the jump.

Here are some comments:
I actually belong to a 3rd group. Random…..random.random.random….that will do, now lets friggin do this! I came here to play, character creator…..ain’t nobody got time for dat!

I’ll never get tired of my own bullshit. Hell, I’m a fully grown adult and I still give myself Dutch Ovens.

I did this for a martial arts MMO, I forget which now but the only race available was human, or so they said. Might have been age of blade and soul power leveing, it has been too long and I obviously didn’t keep with it. I discovered they also had tengu and goblin characters secretly hidden in the character creator if you worked hard enough.